Thursday, February 04, 2010

I sorta lied

In the previous post, I said I like my job. That is just not true. I like teaching. That is an important distinction to make at the moment.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Where do you live? That is an excellent question

Phil has a man-date, er men-date with his friends this evening. A virtual one. They are playing Counter Strike via PS3. We've been living in LA for about 5 months, and I have genuinely made no effort to connect to the town or the history or the people here. This is also known as pissing away your precious youth late twenties. I've been aware of this in the non-chalant, I mention it to my friends, in my self-depreciating sad, sorry sack talks. I like to call it socal social hibernation.

The reality of how bad the social hibernation had gotten was when Phil was listing things that I could do while he was on his men-date. This list of things could better be described as one thing and a long furrowed-brow pause. His suggestion was, "You can catch up on some work, or..............................................................." I mean, I like my job, and planning for class is fun and interesting to geek out on, but that was all he could come up with. Holymotherofbob, it might be time to start living in LA.