Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Rainy Day in LA

It's raining in LA, which means it will be beautiful tomorrow. It also means that today was, to say the least, unproductive. We had big plans to check out the flea market down the street, but alas, no such luck. We splurged and went out for breakfast at a little diner down the street. We have quite a few tasty breakfast places within walking distance round here. It's one of the joys of our little neighborhood.

Phil got some rejection letters from his MFA applications today - sad face externally - internally, secretly glad we won't be relocating to either Iowa or Michigan. Be sure to send happy thoughts for University of Oregon, San Francisco State, and University of CA, Irvine. (But not too many for Irvine, heh) It's been interesting balancing my wants and desires with the writing programs that Phil is in love with. I'm 100% supportive, and where ever he wants to study, we're going, but then there is the other part of me that really, really wants to get the hell out of South California. And there was that other part of me that really, really didn't want to move to Iowa. Other then that, 100% supportive...

Perhaps I should adjust my percentage a tad.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Sorting Through Applications

We have to hire a new teacher for the center, and though it is not my job, nor am I qualified to do so, interviewing has been shoved into my lap. I sometimes get the feeling that my boss feels like pushing her crap onto me is a reward.

You're doing a great job, and you know that program so well, so here, you take care all of this shit for me, because I'm so impressed with what you've done so far. I really trust you, so I'm willing to let you do all the interviewing by yourself. If I can, I'll listen in on the telephone.

Really, you like, me? I will do that thing.

And now to absorb responsibility in the situation, I acquiesce, because it needs to get done, and if I let my boss's schedule determine interviews I will run myself into the ground. As much as I love teaching, I do not enjoy working 10 hour days to be stupid far behind on the things I need to be doing. So there, all whining aside, it's my own damn fault.

So let the vetting games begin. I was openly mocking one candidate because the person shortened Craig's List to cl in their cover letter. Phil said I was a) harsh and judgemental b) a dinosaur. (Is there any other kind?) He told me no one calls it Craig's List - it's not even capitalized on the website. Today, I called said candidate for an interview. After saying he couldn't write the address down, he asked me to email him. OK. Part of my elitist self was like, seriously, someone is trying to situate you with gainful employment, and you can't write it down? But with my lovely, forgiving better-half rattling around in my brain HARSH! DINOSAUR!, I smiled and said sure. Of course, I said. So I sent out the email, and he replied with a thank you. Unfortunately, that email said, "Alli,". He shortened my name. A nickname that I do not associate with work or work things, but a name that is home, history, friends, family and nostalgia.

This was my conversation with my computer screen:

What the what?!? You don't know me, motherf(*%#%!

I know it is a bit ridiculous, but it irked me. It really irked me. While I know it is impossible to retract my interview invitation(not impossible; I really want to write back and say my name's not Alli - TO YOU - jk about the inter., but I won't, because I do have some sense of propriety), all I can say is this person better poop the cure for cancer.