Tuesday, April 13, 2004

If we are going to start this thing off right, I am going to get the softball bitch session out of the way.

I am developing disdain for lesbians who pursue softball coaching careers. This career choice seems only to be a dating service for uptight lesbians.

My coaches are the squarest homosexuals you'll ever meet. Maybe it's the Midwest, but for fuck's sake. You are a rebel of society, but yet so incredibly over-sensitive about the oddest damn things. These are the same women who decided to settle in the bible belt. They spend their evenings becoming connoisseurs of the pink taco and effectively shit in the face of their Christian neighbors.

But when it is suggested that "Old School" be watched on the bus trip, my coaches replied that movie was offensive and inappropriate.

Mind you this is a bus full of college softball players.

The irony of this situation makes me amused at times, but mostly just annoyed. But in the words of Vince Vaugn's "Old School" character,

"Ear Muffs" coach, "ear muffs."

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