Sunday, September 19, 2004

An Update of Sorts

Well, I have entered the final semester of my college career. I believe my graduation ceremony begins at 8 a.m. Dec. 18, 2004. I'm really thinking we should do a graduation party in the home state instead of having everyone break their necks to get out here in the miserable Oklahoma winter weather. I'll confer with the parental units and keep you posted. Besides graduations are painfully boring, we should celebrate the graduation instead.

This blog has been neglected so I am doing some maintentance.

*Things that are new*
  • apartment:A little studio on the other side of Wal-mart. It feels temporary, which works because I'm moving out of here mid-December.
  • roommates (2 kittens): Fabio and Duff really aren't kittens anymore. They are in the teenage punk stage of catdom. They act like teenage boys that haven't grown into their bodies yet, which is mostly true.
  • internship: I'm the new clueless intern for the Allied Arts program,, at OSU. It really is a fun internship, free tickets. I get to do a lot of creative work, it has made me realize I like my major more than I thought. Who knew there were opportunities in public relations in which you didn't have to be a scumbag?

I also serve as secretary and voting member for the Allied Arts Selection Committee.

We get to pick the line-up for next fall. This means I get to watch some really amazing performances and some amazingly crappy performances.

Gramma raved about Cavali, but I can assure you, a woman doing ballet on a standing horse is rather unsettling.

  • Non-athlete student: I'm a regular college student. My calluses are gone (mostly). And I still get free school and free admission to all athletic events. Whahoo! The Athletic Committee has also incited me to be its student representative. This is the council formed by academics to do away with athletic scholarships and make universities learning institutions. These people mostly live in la la land. It should be interesting
And that's all she wrote...

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