Wednesday, June 09, 2010

In the loin

I am subbing for a language school, and my students were complaining about their "hotel." It's in the very tender part of the tender-knob, and well, they don't feel safe. Fair enough. And I kinda made fun of them for living in a crappy neighborhood. I did resist telling them Kelle's severed head story. Despite being kinda dangerous for foreigners because they look and act like foreigners and foreigners might as well walk around with giant piggy banks for heads. But despite all that, I sent them on a crappy neighborhood tour. That they are not allowed to do alone. Or after 9 o'clock. I've never had any problems, but then again, I don't have a giant piggy bank for a head. I reek of (project?) small town poverty.

Shalimar - Food because it is ph-in delicious
Bourbon and Branch - Drinks because it is fun
Great American Music Hall - Music because it'll make them feel better about where their hotel is?

Phil and I are going to see Delta Spirit tonight. It is good to be back in the city.  Oh yes, it's good.

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