Monday, June 22, 2009

Mama I'm coming home

I still have to call my parents to confirm, but I'm heading to Sonora for a couple of days before I have students instead of Grand Theft Auto 4 to suck the energy out of me. Yippee! I apologize for not giving anyone advance warning about any of this, but when you really have no schedule to adhere to then advance planning just seems really silly. If you're free between Wednesday and Friday, you should swing by the Andersons for some food and a beverage.

I'm really looking forward to yet another lovely tour up the 99. This time I will be stopping in Bakersfield, which is all sorts of gorgeous. My God. I will be hanging a bit with Scarlett and J, and if anyone can pump some life into the Bakes it would be S&J.

This whole trip up north is really about Father's Day and my tradition of having no money, so as a gift I caddy for my dad for the Wednesday evening businessmen's league out at Phoenix Lake Golf Course. I'm probably getting a little too old for it, but it's 9 holes, dad loves it and he gets to remind all of his fellow businessmen just how much their own daughters do not love them, and I imbibe on a few Coronas and talk about what I've been doing "after softball". Everybody wins.

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