Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Virtual Godzilla

Virtual Godzilla

Right, so I don’t have a job. I am super unemployed, so I’ve been trying to fill my time with educator-y things that will make me super-instructor. I’m taking an online course about using technology in the classroom effectively. As a teacher and a researcher, I’m curious about that stuff for language instruction.

This morning I got an invite to join the PBworks summer camp for educators. SWEET! PBworks was formerly PBwiki. Does that help? It's basically a souped-up wiki for teachers (and other people).

In their own words:

PBworks for Classrooms

PBworks hosts more classroom workspaces than anyone else in the world, and lets you create a simple, secure workspace in about 60 seconds. Workspaces drive engagement and collaboration. A workspace is a live, evolving document – but gives you user tracking and access controls to monitor your workspace at all times.

You can make your workspace public or private or anywhere in between. No matter what, PBworks keeps your students’ information safe.

It’s cool, it’s free, and I dig the vibe of the company, so of course I joined. And then promptly managed to DELETE THE FOLDER WITH THE ENTIRE COURSE CONTENT.

Which led to this twitter posts from the camp director, Kristine:

Then this:

Then this:

Then thank god, finally this:

The magician engineers were able to recover the folder. Praise Bob. Support at PBworks and Kristine were way cooler than they should have been. They didn’t threaten bodily harm once.

Holy shit, I am so embarrassed (very, very present tense). I really almost deleted camp.


Chris said...

No harm, no foul. Glad the engineers were able to work their magic!

Chris Yeh
VP Enterprise Marketing, PBworks

Alliya said...

Aww man, even the marketers know?! I kid.

Yes, sorry again, and I'm uber thankful they were able to work their magic. :)

heels said...


Alliya said...

That's much more polite than what I initially said.